About Us

Our company has spent in the computer market more than 20 years. We provide not only outstanding products in IT, but also in the area of security technology.
We offer our partners innovative and advanced solutions that enable ever more cost-effective and to be able environmentally to better solve problems that arise.

In addition of our Webshop, we also have our own store in New Budapest. All of our products can be viewed before buying them, in fact, most of them are also able to try too. We do this because we consider that our customers should only buy from us excellent quality products that truly meet their needs. In our store we have our own service, where you can bring back the products to be repaired.

Alphasonic Áruház - Újpest

Our mission

In the Alphasonic Ltd. we all are committed to provide high quality, stable value products to our partners and their customers. Our market-leading security technology and domestic computing wholesale assiduously helps the Hungarian companies, organizations to be efficient and cost-effective.


We believe – and so far our customers can confirm this – that we serve IT development for companies, which can reduce IT costs and it helps it to be safe, reliable and efficient.


Our policy is credibility and excellence! We constantly strive to help and provide with our solutions to our partners, but not only in the present, also if they will have any problems in the future. We customized our solutions to solve the problems of our clients, whether we speak about security or information technology.


We are proud that we managed to build up an excellent and long-lasting relationship with thousands of companies through this commitment.